Why Do the Rich and Famous Use the Volcano Vaporizer?

In this post I review the Volcano Vaporizer, a device that has been called the Mercedes Benz of vaporizers—a sleek German machine that’s become quite the status symbol for the well-heeled crowd.

I totally agree with those who say the vapor produced by the Volcano is not only the purest and healthiest, but the tastiest. One user says it brings out the flavor like a “bouquet of wine.”

“It’s considered very sophisticated to own one,” says another devotee. “This isn’t like anything else. People who buy the Volcano are educated and demand top quality. They know that this is the most efficient way to vape that science has devised.”

Like the Mercedes Benz, the Volcano Vaporizer is manufactured by a German company (Storz & Bickel) and is expensive.

I have to warn you: Because of the high cost, cheap Chinese knock-offs are flooding the market these days. Many people think they’re getting some kind of incredible deal, but they’re only getting ripped-off.

If you want to guarantee that you are buying a real Volcano and not a fake one, I urge you to buy it from an authorized dealer only. Authorized dealers also offer a 3-year warranty, which is a big plus.

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Volcano Vaporizer

How Does the Volcano Work?

Despite its sophistication, the Volcano is surprisingly easy to use. It’s really no more difficult than a rice cooker.

First you set the temperature and wait for it to heat up, which takes 3-5 minutes.

Then you put the ingredients you want to vape into a chamber and press a button. A fan is activated which pushes the heat through the ingredients so that a vapor containing only “the good stuff” is released.

The ingredients don’t burn though. Burning creates harmful toxins and carcinogens that can irritate the respiratory system. This is why vaping is safer and healthier than smoking. It’s also fairly odorless.

Now here comes the part that really sets the Volcano apart from other vaporizers. After the vapor has been produced, it is blown by the fan into a large plastic bag. It takes about 30 seconds to fill the bag.

Then you attach a mouthpiece to the bag and inhale a very clean, powerful hit of vapor, which can only be described as the absolute essence of your ingredients.

The bag prevents any loss of vapor and, amazingly, can hold the vapor for hours.

Because the vapor in the bag is so pure and concentrated, it is stronger and full of flavor.

And because of the precise and reproducible nature of the Volcano mechanism, the vapor is also very consistent from one vaping session to the next.

This is also the best way to get the most out of your ingredients. Having a fan steadily blowing hot air through the ingredients is far more efficient than a person drawing on a vaporizer multiple times.

“The bags of vapor are a hit at any party,” says one Volcano owner. “But you can also set the device for a perfect little solo relaxation session in the evening.”

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Volcano

1) The vapor from a Volcano is more POWERFUL because it’s so concentrated and pure.

2) The vapor is more FLAVORFUL; imagine being able to taste the actual essence of your ingredients.

3) The vaping experience is more CONSISTENT because of the exacting, reproducible nature of the Volcano.

4) The process is far more EFFICIENT because of the fan and plastic bag. There is no waste!

The bottom line is: If you’re any kind of connoisseur and want the best that money can buy, then you absolutely must own a Volcano vaporizer.

Of course, the expense is a major obstacle for many people. But the Volcano gets more out of less ingredients. This saves a lot of money over time.

The Digital Version is Even Better!

There are actually two kinds of Volcanos. One is called the “classic” and has a rotary dial that you use to set the temperature.

The other is “digital” and contains a digital heat sensor and an LED display instead of dial.

The digital version heats the air even more precisely than the classic, but otherwise both versions work the same.

But if you really want the absolute ultimate in vaping go for the digital version.

Remember, there are lots of fake Volcanos being sold today. You can tell because they’re cheaper. Don’t get ripped off!

Only buy a Volcano from an authorized Storz & Bickel dealer. You’ll also get a 3-year warranty with your purchase.

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Digital Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is Used By…Chefs?

The Volcano is the vaporizer of choice for the rich and famous. Movie stars, rappers, and talk show hosts like Bill Maher have all talked about their love affair with the Volcano.

But most people don’t associate the Volcano with chefs.

Well, in Chicago, world-renowned chef Grant Achatz likes to play with smoke, sometimes putting a smoldering cinnamon stick or sassafras root in a little bowl and sending it to the table with the food.

When he’s not playing with smoke, Grant shows a fondness for vapors.

The distinction is clear. Smoke is the visible volatile product given off by burning or smoldering substances. That’s what it says in the Oxford English Dictionary. A vapor is invisible; it’s almost the same as a gas.

When you burn cinnamon bark or sassafras root, the essential aromas are mixed with and obscured by smoke from the underlying structure of the plant cells.

But if you vaporize cinnamon at just the right temperature, you get only the essential oils in a nearly pure, nearly gaseous form.

Grant uses a vaporizer which is fashioned in the form of a shiny, silvery truncated cone. It has several lights and knobs at its base.

Yes, it’s the Volcano vaporizer, made in Germany. The kitchen has four or five Volcanos and they are used every day.

Grant has already extracted the essential vapors from lavender. Why? Because when put directly into food, lavender has an aggressively piney flavor. Grant also has a terrific idea involving coffee.

The coffee bean is capable of producing many captivating aromas-when it’s roasted, when it’s brewed, and most transporting of all, when it has just been ground or, if you must, when you just open the can.

The roasting itself brings out powerfully bitter notes of burning plant material; mixing ground coffee with water drastically changes its character.

And so Grant plans to use his Volcano to capture the heady smell of just-ground coffee. Then he’ll try to flavor other foods with it, maybe lamb with figs. Sounds delicious!

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