Avoid Cancer by Vaping

While a cure for cancer remains elusive, in spite of vast sums spent on research, many thousands of lives could be saved through well-planned and efficient screening services. And if people gave up smoking and took up vaping instead, many tens of thousands of lives could be saved.

As yet, however, most of those lives continue to be lost. Each day of the year, about 100 people die from cancers of the breast, cervix, ovary and bowel, although all of these conditions can be identified early enough to offer successful treatment.

The prospects of such early intervention on a national scale excite and inspire many of America’s leading researchers and specialists. But before screening programs can be truly effective, substantial difficulties have to be tackled and overcome.

They include radical changes in attitudes, by patients as well as by doctors and administrators; reorganization of many aspects of the health service; meticulous study of cost-effectiveness; and much more emphasis on preventive medicine and promotion of vaping devices to take the place of smoking.

The lessons of cervical screening must be learned. More than two million cervical smears are taken each year but the death rate has barely decreased.

A computerized system is to be introduced, with health officials taking the initiative and responsibility for calling and recalling patients for their tests.

A national breast screening system should be in place before the end of the decade. It will have to be accompanied by a large-scale health education program, so that women can properly understand it and feel encouraged to participate.

Once introduced, that system must quickly be seen to be efficient and reliable. False negative results in any screening technique are wrongly reassuring; false positive results cause alarm and anxiety, and raise the risk of unnecessary treatment.

Wherever possible, the family doctor must be involved in the screening program. Increasingly, GPs are expressing support for such schemes, and encouraging their patients to take part in them.

An experiment is now running in a London general practice to find the best way of persuading patients to submit a tiny fecal sample for tests against bowel cancer. For the individual, it is a simple but unpleasant task.

Yet 25,000 people a year develop this cancer, and 17,000 of them die of it because the diagnosis has come too late.

The biggest cancer killer of all is lung cancer, taking about 40,000 lives annually. Symptoms begin to show only at an advance stage of the disease, and there is no satisfactory screening method.

Surgery is usually the only possible course of action. Cigarette smoking has been shown as the chief cause of lung cancer; the remedy is obvious. People should give them up. If need be, using vaping technology to reduce exposure to deadly toxins and carcinogens.

As cancer screening becomes more available, so too will screening for a range of other diseases. In some medical circles there is now emerging a call for a ‘big screen’ policy, in which individuals could visit a hospital or clinic at regular intervals to be tested for a wide variety of conditions.

Such a system may come one day. Meanwhile, the existing screening techniques must be improved, widely introduced and closely monitored. And people need to start vaping with devices like the Volcano and Mighty Vaporizers.

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